FRIENDLY FENCING - split polypipe


To make the task of splitting polypipe as easy as possible, Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers in northern NSW invented a tool that splits the pipe and then spreads it as it is fitted on the fence. The applicator in the photo on the right is an old prototype. Unfortunately they are no longer making them but contact us if you wold like a set of tools.  The cost for the tools is about $165.

Click here for a PDF version of instructions for the use of the polypipe splitter and applicator.

One of the most common hotspots for entanglement on barbed wire fences by flying foxes is at feed trees. The bats are caught as they approach or leave the tree to feed on fruit or blossom. This is an ideal opportunity to use split polypipe over the offending barbed wire, a very low-cost solution and very targetted. Photos: Maxpix

Other common hotspots are ridge lines and approaches to water